iPads Increase in Popularity Among Small Business Owners

Last Friday, Apple enthusiasts were finally able to get their hands on the new iPad. As the third tablet Apple has launched since April 2010, the new iPad doesn’t disappoint. Featuring 4G capabilities, a retina display screen that is clearer than ever before and an iSight camera that captures picture-perfect moments and videos, it is no wonder the new iPad pre-orders sold out in just days. You can check your email, visit your favorite websites, play a variety of games and take advantage of hundreds of thousands of apps to make life a little easier.

Although there is no doubt the iPad is great for personal use, recent trends show they are making waves in the business world as well. According to a study done by The Business Journals, more and more small business owners have turned to iPads and other cutting edge technologies to help manage their businesses. While just 9% of small business owners reported using iPads in 2010, 34% said they used iPads to their benefit in 2011. In a Washington Post article, (http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/on-small-business/ipad-usage-is-up-among-small-business-owners-study-finds/2012/03/07/gIQALkoUxR_story.html ) The Business Journals’ Vice President of Research, Godfrey Phillips, explained now more than ever, small business owners want quick access to their business information – something the iPad can provide.

Before running out to buy a new iPad, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. The Microsoft Office suite is not yet available on the iPad, although you can purchase and download different Apps, such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote, that are comparable to Microsoft Office programs. I also recommend evaluating how often you’ll be using the iPad and what you will be using it for. Could an iPad replace your bulky laptop for your business presentations?

Keep an eye on this trend. Other small business owners have found value in using iPad’s for business. As the iPad’s popularity grows, one can only imagine that the iPad’s business capabilities will grow as well.

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