Is Print Dying? Not So Fast.

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Working at a print and promotional company for almost a year now, I utilize both mediums, and also use social media to support campaigns that I’m working on. But is print dying? This question has been a common topic around the marketing world since the internet and social media adoption has increased, and quickly seems to be taking over. Many businesses have changed their marketing to the web mainly because it is cost effective. Regardless, print is still powerful and a necessary component for businesses throughout the world.

Newspapers – Even though some newspaper companies are closing due to technological advancements and availability, some people still prefer to have something tangible compared to pulling it up on the internet. They are portable thanks to laptops, tablets or e-readers, and if you want to read one in the car, you can. But remember, battery life can only last so long.

Brochures – Companies still order brochures. It is an easy way to show all your products and services on one piece of paper. They are typically priced very reasonably and serve as a great marketing tool.
Cards – Most companies will send out a company holiday card or a birthday card to you as a gesture of appreciation. It shows more sincerity than sending an online e-card.

Direct Mail Campaigns – Direct mail is one of the most overlooked yet effective and inexpensive ways to increase your company’s presence.

Coupons – At the checkout of your local grocery store you may have used coupons to get items at a discounted rate. Coupons are often times available on the internet. Be sure to setup your printer to take advantage of various offers.

These are just a couple examples of the main printed items that are still used and are just as powerful as before. The best way to market your business is to use as many printed, promotional or online tools as possible. Sometimes print and the internet work together to create a campaign, you just have to know how to use it.

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