Is Your Business Taking Advantage of a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity?

English: Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone...

Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last Friday, the tech, entertainment and business worlds all took pause to remember Steve Jobs, one year after the passing of Apple’s visionary founder. Fittingly, I’d like to think back to Apple’s ad campaign from a few years back, “There’s an app for that!”

That simple phrase alluded to an emerging industry and medium that defines today’s world:


While the universe was already migrating to mobile, Apple’s iPhone and iOS turbo charged the movement. The ability to do so many remarkable things we had come to rely on PC’s for, became available at our fingertips via a simple mobile device that we carried around with us all day.

The quick maturation of Google’s Android phones and operating system as Apple’s chief rival and OS peer has made mobile an area that businesses cannot afford to ignore. At the same time, there’s tremendous opportunity for your business in mobile.

What are you customers wondering or looking for where you can provide value?

What, you say there’s not an app for that? Well then, you just might have a mobile opportunity on your hands.

There are many excellent reasons for businesses to have and app or mobile website, but I’ll leave you with the fascinating slides below on mobile marketing.

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