It’s True, You Should Be Using Pinterest

In case you haven’t noticed, Pinterest is everywhere.  This little social site that could, had been slowly growing in popularity when it completely blew up towards the end of 2011. If you’ve heard the word but aren’t sure what Pinterest is, here’s a quick explanation. Pinterest is a visual social site that allows users to pin photos and images to virtual bulletin boards that can be viewed and shared with other users. The user demographic is made up of 87% women which certainly creates a lot of new opportunities for marketers. Pinterest can be used to collect and organize ideas for everything from weddings to home decor, art, and recipes. Check out the beautiful infographic that MDG Advertising put together below for more info on the phenom that is Pinterest.


  1. Yup Pinterest is suddenly everywhere. But will I be using it, no. Between my website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account there already isn’t enough time in the day. I’ve ignored Google+, and I’ll have to do the same for Pinterest.

  2. Great info! I’ve been using pinterest since before it was the hot new thing and have found it a great way to relocate my favorite pics, recipes, inspiration and shopping sites. It started as as one big dream board and has evolved into my Internet blog/site one stop shop. Can’t wait to see how it evolves next.

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