Jess’ How To…Create An Impactful Presentation

Wrong. We aren’t talking about PowerPoint.  We’re talking about a tool that has as many possibilities as a blank canvas.  In fact, it IS a blank canvas for all of your presentation needs.

There’s nothing wrong with using PowerPoint. It’s a great tool and it’s not going anywhere.  But when you need to pack a punch into your presentation and really stand out, Prezi is the tool. No longer are you trapped within the confines of a white box and only able to use the canned themes PowerPoint gives you.  No longer do you have to apply one of 500 animations and sound effects to your presentations and hope they come through on the next device you show it on.  No longer do you have to attempt to represent a cohesive idea in multiple pages.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Prezi.  And I really do mean ‘world.’  To start, there are no slides in a Prezi presentation.  Prezi is a blank canvas- waiting for you to make it what you will.  You don’t have to worry about how much text to put on a slide—Prezi doesn’t define your space.  The best way to explain Prezi is to quote Trent Batson saying “The space fits the concept, not vice versa.” (

Picture this: As you run through each individual slide of your PowerPoint presentation (albeit a great one), the monotony gets to your audience.  The consistent ‘clicks’ to advance to the next slide, the same format of each slide- text on the left, image on the right, header on the top, the all-too-familiar “Thank You” slide… this is how you lose your audience’s attention.

Now, image yourself using a Prezi presentation.  On one click, you zoom into the dot of an ‘i’ only to find 5 images and text. On the next click, the screen spins to the right and you are submerged in a world of colors and text. Click again and the screen zooms out to a high-level view of your logo. Click again and you zoom into the underline.  You get the point.

So how do you make one of these “Prezi things?”

1. Sign up for FREE at

2. Click “Learn” on the top toolbar and explore everything Prezi has to offer you.

a. Training

b. Video Tutorials

3. Click “Explore” on the top toolbar and explore Prezi’s that other users have created!

4. Lastly, create your own Prezi by clicking “Your Prezis” in the top tool bar and then “+New Prezi.”




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