Jess’ How To… Do a Trade Show Booth RIGHT!

Image courtesy of PFG Ventures.

We all know how expensive and time consuming trade shows can be.  To most, the benefits outweigh the hindrances.  You have access to a massive, mostly captivated audience.  The number of lead’s and one-on-one discussions are innumerous.  So if you plan to spend the large amount of money on a trade show booth, you better make sure you do it right…and then some!

It doesn’t start when the show starts.

Let’s be honest- a lot of people at trade shows would rather buzz through the crowd, picking up hand outs and give aways than stop and have a 10 minute chat.  Capture these speed-racers before the show even begins! Consider sending out a unique direct mail piece or promotional item that will grab their attention and make them run straight to your booth!  These can include specials or prize drawing entries- anything to catch their eye. Ensuring this mailer reflects your personality will only add to your credibility, leaving the recipient with a positive impression upon meeting you.

Give Them Something to Run to.

So you already have the attention of the aforementioned speed-racers.  But still, there are those attendees who value their trade show experience but don’t have time to see every booth. Give them the push they need to mosey on over to your booth.  Details are important! You’re spending the money on your trade show booth so don’t hold back on the decorations and hands outs either.  Any and all trade show booths should include the following:

1.    Something to make the booth stand out. You only have SECONDS to grab someone’s attention.  This can be extra tall signage, music, food, bright lights, colorful balloons, massages, clowns, fish tanks, photo booths, caricaturists, contests… I could go on and on and on and on…. Anything your neighbor doesn’t have is a bonus for you!

2.    Simplicity! More and more we want information and we want it fast. We don’t have time (or the desire) to stand by, reading paragraphs, filling out forms and having a conversation. Make sure your information is simple and to the point. Ensure that what you do and who you are is an easy take away for all that visit your booth.

3.    A Call to Action. You all should know this- a compelling call to action is of utmost important to get any sort of response or feedback.  Give them a reason to act now- whether it’s filling out their information to win something, buying a brand new product at 50% off, or leaving their business card for a follow up call.

4.    Lighting.  This sounds crazy, I know, and who really has control over the lighting in their booth?  Whether you do or you don’t have control over the lighting, you DO have control over how dark or bright your booth is.  Use bright colors in all signs and products.  Avoid any overhangs or ledges without knowing what sort of lighting to expect.  The goal is the make your booth feel warm and welcoming, inviting all passersby to come check you out!

Trade Show booths can provides you with a wealth of leads and knowledge.  Don’t skip out on the small details to save a buck here and there.  If you do a trade show booth, do it right and you’ll reap the benefits.

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