Jess’ How To: Stay Fit While On-the-Go for Business

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If you’re anything like me, you know the importance of health and the value society places on it. But sometimes, it’s downright impossible to stick to your eating habits and workout routine. Consider all of those times you were running late to an appointment, swung by Burger King for a quick (and mouth-wateringly delicious!) Whopper just to show up five minutes early with a full gut and mayonnaise on your shirt. Have you ever traveled for work, being forced to stay in a hotel for a few nights, eating food on-the-road, and staring at the all-too-small “fitness center”? Deep inside you know that the food is out of your control – there isn’t much you can do without your own stove and sauce pan. But that gym… that fitness center that is big enough for one of your thighs to squeeze in (lest you had a Whopper) and a treadmill as old as your socks… it just keeps calling your name.

We all know how important our business is, but it doesn’t mean our health and wellness is any less important. Consider the following ideas the next time you find yourself traveling for work or on a tight schedule.

1.    Pack the tools you’ll need: Running shoes, fitness gear, yoga mats, resistance bands, jump ropes, hats, pedometers and water bottles. All of these are pretty easy to pack, even if you’re flying!
2.    Make a plan: Determine the when, the what and the how. Find the best time during the day that you can use, determine what form of exercise you’ll do and with what.
3.    Do it. Get moving and get sweating. I promise you’ll feel better.

So what are some simple exercises and tips you can do to stay fit on-the-go without all of the weights, machines and motivation?

•    Walk
•    Run
•    Body-weight Exercises (planks, pull-ups, crunches, lunges, squats, etc.)
•    Take the stairs
•    Yoga
•    Jumping Jacks
•    Hike
•    Dance

Mother Nature has also given us plenty of gifts that double as fitness tools:

•    Tree branches for pull -ups
•    Soft grass for push-ups
•    Oxygen for better breathing
•    Vitamin D (because most of us are D deficient)
•    Hills for the glutes and thighs
•    Bodies of water to swim in

By keeping these pointers in mind, you can help keep your diet and workout routines in check, no matter where business takes you!

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