Jess’ How To… Keep Your Branding Consistent

For the Steve Jobs lovers out there, you’ve probably seen the new iOS 7. Some people love it, some people hate it, everyone will get used to it. The real issue with the update is the consistency in Apple’s branding platform. This new update is drastically different than any previous update. From the font and color schemes to the motion and graphics, we might as well have brand new phones. While this change may (or may not) hurt Apple’s brand loyalty, drastic changes like this to your own brand likely WILL harm your business.

“Consistent branding” is not just a buzz-phrase; it’s the foundation to your successful business strategy. With all the ways (and constant innovation) of getting your message out, one must focus heavily on consistency to ensure your brand’s reputation is not tarnished. So, how do we do this? I’m feeling a bit crafty so I decided to attempt to create my very first infographic to demonstrate.

Infographic courtesy of Jessica Brandenburg

Infographic courtesy of Jessica Brandenburg

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