Jess’ How To… Use Promotional Products as Business Cards


Image courtesy of Norwood

Image courtesy of Norwood

Chances are you have a business card with you right now, either your own or someone else’s. They are one of those business staples that have been and always will be a valuable business tool. However, this doesn’t mean they have to remain the same rectangular 3.5” x 2” card stock that you’ve seen year after year.

Instead of handing those cards out, consider using a promotional product to spread the word about your business. Promotional products are changing the way we do business, and give you the perfect opportunity to showcase your contact information while also providing a leave-behind gift for your prospect or customer.

Stumped as to what items you can use as promotional product business cards? Consider these useful options that have plenty of room to share details about your business:

•    Mobile Phone Screen Cleaners
•    Writing Utensils
•    Mobile Phone Stands
•    Calendars
•    Note Pads
•    Magnets
•    Sports Schedules

Now that you know what types of items you can use for your new business cards, it’s time to put a plan in place for sourcing, ordering and using them. Here are some of the next best steps you can take to put everything in motion:

•    Evaluate your current supply of traditional business cards, and determine when you will need to reorder.
•    Begin sourcing different items to replace your traditional business cards. Look for what is most cost-effective and most memorable, as well as what connects well with your business’s services.
•    Order when your current supply is low. You will then be able to use the last of your old business cards, and start fresh with your new stock!

Once your promotional product business cards are ready, be ready to share your brand and stand out from the competition!




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