Jess’s How To… Give Great Gifts Without Busting Your Budget

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Aunts, Grandparents, Siblings, Parents, Friends, Acquaintances, Business Partners, Co-workers, Babysitters…

How do you show everyone in your life that you appreciate them without busting your budget? It’s easy. (And we can thank Pinterest for that!)

When you need to gift on a budget, consider these awesome gift ideas, tailored to your loved ones!

1.    Sharpie Love. Head on over to the dollar store and pick out some glass or ceramic dishes and containers. Jars, plates, bowls and cups work great. Purchase a Sharpie Paint marker or a regular Sharpie (silver and gold are best for the holidays) and a clear protective spray-on coating (found at your craft store). Create your very own custom piece – a design, a saying or a phrase works wonderfully. Bake up your best cookies, tie on a bow and bam! You’re done! Estimated Cost:  $5 – $10
2.    Baker’s Best. What’s your favorite cake or cookie recipe? Make your way to Walmart, buy yourself a set of Mason jars, and load them up with all the necessary dry cookie or cake ingredients. Hand-make a tag with recipe, instructions and additional items needed. Voilà!  Estimated Cost: <$5
3.    Sweet Comfy Treats. Your choice – visit Walmart, a dollar store, Target, anywhere. Buy a glass jar (one that resembles a sundae jar is ideal). Grab some holiday socks, a scarf, or a hat. Roll it up, pop it in the jar, tie on a ribbon and add some candy canes for decoration. You have your very own, homemade cozy Holiday “Sundae.” Estimated Cost: $5-10
4.    Donate to a charity in recipient’s name. Estimated Cost: Undetermined. Estimated Impact: Infinite
5.    Take up a craft. Crochet, knit, scrapbook, photography. All of these can be turned into gifts filled with love and memories. Estimated Cost: <$10
6.    Wrap up your favorite used book. Yes, you heard me right, USED. Include a note about what the book meant to you and that you hope the recipient can find the joy in it, too. Estimated Cost: Free

No matter what route you decide to go down for gift giving, it’s important to remember what the holidays are about. Don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s not about the actual gift or the monetary value the gift holds, but it’s why you are giving the gift that is important.

Jess’s Tip: Head out into the craziness the day after Christmas. Most stores have decorations and holiday gifts upwards of 70% off. Stock up for the following year and never have to budget again!

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