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Communication in the workplace continues to be an important part to any business’s success. We communicate in many ways: verbally, non-verbally, through technology, in writing and so on. Even with all of these communication outlets, many of us still seem to have communication issues.

It’s important that we understand how each person communicates. Your neighbor may respond best to verbal communication while you may prefer email communication. Because of the different ways we each learn and communicate, we need to do all that we can to enhance the communication professionally and personally.

Promotional products can help enhance communication in the work place as well as create a more engaging and educational atmosphere. Some options include:

1.    Notepads – For the writers of the world.
2.    Dry Erase Boards – For current messages and quick notes.
3.    Letterhead – For a formal letter.
4.    Binders – To keep your communications organized and in tact.
5.    Flyers & Posters – For continual messaging and branding to be delivered over longer periods of time.
6.    Business Cards – Yes, these too are a form of communication. Get your message out loud and clear.

Look at the many ways your organization communicates currently and determine what is working, what isn’t working and what you’d like to try. What do your counterparts communicate with the most? Determine everyone’s individual communication styles and recognize those on a daily basis.

Create a list of ways to continue communication within your organization that adds to the atmosphere and doesn’t make it more confusing or conflicting for internal employees OR external visitors.

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