Knowing Your Stuff in a Post-Trade Publication World

With Facebook and Google dominating ad revenue over the past few years, traditional media publishers have been hamstrung from declining participation from advertisers. Some publishing houses that would have funded trade publications in the past may have discontinued or switched to other mediums in order to turn a profit. This leaves people who want to stay on top of news for industries like architecture, engineering and farming out of the loop.

One reason for this is that smartphones can retrieve the same information these trade magazines used to publish instantly. But, knowing where to go for the latest reputable and concise news for a specific industry can be a challenge. It’s well worth the effort to learn how to search effectively to find the most relevant news for the industry you or a client is in. Why? Because being knowledgeable about current news and events will help you market your products and services better.

For example, recycled plastics are finding their way into the garment industry using new technologies. Companies wanting to project an environmental conscience might lean towards using such products. When interacting with customers too busy to keep up with industry news, being aware of trends like this can change a customer’s perception of you from just a supplier to an industry insider. So even though the heyday of trade publications is at an end, it doesn’t mean you still can’t stay up-to-date on industry news and trends.

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AboutDave Cantillon

Dave has over 30 years experience of exposure with the Print and Promotional Product Industry. He has been active in the community as a volunteer for many years as well, visiting the hospitalized, helping those less fortunate. Dave is also raising a son with Down Syndrome and participates in a support group for Parents with handicapped children.

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