Less Leads to More with Promotional Items

Looking to order promotional items, but aren’t sure you need the minimum quantity? This issue was resolved for Seagram’s by getting to view several custom samples and gathering input from employees in different divisions.

The alcoholic beverage company wanted to do a custom color tote bag. However, the bag Seagram’s was initially interested in had a minimum quantity of 5,000 bags. The company wasn’t sure if they would be able to justify placing that large of an order.

Several custom produced spec samples helped stir Seagram’s creativity. Since Seagram’s had the sample on-hand at their headquarters, they were able to promote the bag to other divisions. Leveraging their bulk buying power and ultimately saving money, Seagram’s ended up doubling their order, from 5,000 bags to 10,000.

Seagram’s was able to use their custom totes as giveaways for a variety of outdoor events and tradeshows. As a matter of fact, they were so useful that in the months that followed, Seagram’s ordered another 5,000 bags.

So the next time you’re looking to purchase promotional items for a specific purpose or event, ask for samples, get some feedback from around the office and consider how other departments or groups within your organization might be able to put these powerful branding products to work.



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