Let’s Keep it…Impersonal

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I remember watching the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) as a kid, and like all wrestling fans, I had my favorites. In my position as Manager of Recruiting, I’m reminded of a few of these names on a daily basis. For example, every time I hear about my favorite baseball player of all time, Alex Rodriguez, I’m reminded of “The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.” When I hear IRS (as in Internal Revenue Service), I think of “Irwin R. Schyster” (better known as I.R.S.).

Some of these names creep into daily work. I often receive emails from coworkers who are unclear of the legality of interview questions. When conducting an interview, you should avoid asking the following types of questions because they are borderline illegal, or in blatant disregard for the law. Follow these guidelines or the “Big Boss Man” might come for you:

• Age Sensitive Questions – Do NOT ask a candidate their age, or ask any question in which you are trying to figure out the candidate’s age. For example, “What year did you graduate?”
• Financial Sensitive Questions – You cannot ask about a candidate’s financial situation. This includes questions about whether they own their own home or their credit rating.
• Religious Sensitive Questions – This includes questions about religious organizations or attending religious services.
• Health Sensitive Questions – Questions about the candidate’s weight, medical conditions, medications and disabilities are off limits.
• Family Sensitive Questions – You are not permitted to ask whether the candidate has children, plans to have children or is currently pregnant.
• Citizenship Sensitive Questions – Avoid questions about the candidate’s citizenship, where they were born or where their parents are from originally.

So the next time you are preparing questions to ask during an interview, avoid these types of questions or the “Big Boss Man” may put the Boss Man SLAM on you!

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