Leverage Social Media to Get the Most Out of Your Tradeshow!

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tradeshows can be engaging and overwhelming at the same time. With what seems like a never-ending wave of booths, representatives, attendees – combined with long hours of standing on your feet – it can be very easy to lose focus and energy. Stand out from the crowd by using social media platforms before, during and after your tradeshow or event to drum up excitement, draw more attendees to your booth and form a more solid connection with prospective clients.

The infographic below has some great tips on how you can leverage social media to make your tradeshow attendance a success. An important thing to remember, should you choose to introduce more social media into your next event, is the purpose of each social media site and how to properly “communicate” using it. Pinterest, for example, is not a site where you would answer questions about your event – it would be a place to display pictures of your exhibit, attendees or any contest winners. Twitter is best used to quickly respond to followers and to make live updates during the tradeshow. A company blog is best used to become acquainted with the tradeshow audience before the event and, after the event is over, provide any whitepapers, recaps and photos. Be sure to keep these points in mind as you read through the infographic!

Infographic courtesy of www.nwcidisplay.com


Tradeshows are already very social events, but taking it to the next level by incorporating social media is sure to help you develop and maintain customers long after the event is over!

Source: http://www.socialfish.org/2012/09/social-networking-and-your-tradeshow-infographic.html

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