Life Hacks to Overcome a Creative Brick Wall

From time to time I, like most others who thrive in a creative environment will hit a brick wall. All creativity will cease to exist. The ability to create a solution becomes an impossible task that will drain hours of my day and leave me banging my head against a wall while helplessly sobbing and pondering the meaning of life.

Ok, I might be exaggerating a little but you get the point. It’s exhausting when you rack your brain for an answer or a good idea and in return all you get is frustration and maybe a migraine, if you’re lucky. But rest assured! Here are a few life hacks, taken from personal experience that may help to tear down that wall brick by brick:

1.)    Change the Station: Music has an innate ability to change one’s mood based on the kind of music they are listening to. If you listen to more contemporary music, play some classical piano. Try playing something you would never listen to otherwise. My recommendation: Latin Salsa.

2.)    Observe Nature: Leave the phones and tablets at home and separate yourself from email and internet. Clear your mind of all things digital and get reacquainted with the simple complexities of nature. Only when you have completely separated yourself from the issue will you have the vision to move past it.

3.)    Relocate Yourself: Work in a different location at your office or outside altogether. You never know where creative ideas are hiding out or what may spark a new thought.

4.)    Pick Teams: Invite a team of ‘non-creatives’ to creative meetings. Having a fresh outlook from someone who is not consumed by your project may provide an answer or a clear path to it. Good ideas can come from anywhere. You may just be overthinking it.

5.)    Sleep On It: If you are able, rest up and take a fresh crack at it. Nothing is better than a revived spirt and a fresh cup of coffee!

AboutPatrick Magyar

Patrick joined the Proforma family in May of 2012 after 4 years of working for small marketing and communications firms that specialized in graphic and web design. His expertise is in the area of creative, working as a graphic and web designer, creative marketer and manager. Patrick graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and a Minor Degree in Computer Graphics from the University of Akron, in Akron, OH. Patrick is an avid fan of all things sports and has a soft spot in his heart for the Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He takes every opportunity to spend time with his beautiful wife, Kristen, and their 2 boys, Landon and Cameron.

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