Making the Most of Your Marketing Dollars

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When you’re a part of a small business with limited resources, finding a way to connect with your community could be the difference between sweet success and a For Rent sign.  Think for a second about the thriving business of your community that don’t have major brand recognition.  How have they differentiated themselves?  How have they become part of the community?  While a major part of their success may be attributed to niche market sectors or a niche product offering, just as important is how they are involved with the community.  Being a goodwill sponsor of philanthropy events like 5K & 10K runs is a great way to get started.  Becoming part of your local Chamber of Commerce may give you even better access to not only the members of your community but also local business including your competition!


Below is an infographic from that provides five great tips to make a splash in your community. 

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