Marketing on a Budget

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Whether the company is big or small, everyone has a budget. Your goal is to make every dollar count and I’m here to help you do just that!

To get big results on any budget, keep a few things in mind.

First, look at what you’ve done in the past.  What’s worked and what hasn’t? Get rid of the bad and keep the good.  Don’t change a campaign just because you are bored of it—change a campaign because you aren’t getting the customer response you want and need, otherwise leave it be and keep it up to date!

Be smart about your traditional advertising.  If you are going to spend the big bucks on print, TV, and radio advertisements, use them wisely.  Always include a call-to-action and multiple ways for the target to contact you: phone, website, email and address.  If you choose to distribute printed handouts or direct mail pieces, order them in bulk and redistribute on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis.  Always use both sides of the printed piece—whether it’s for advertising, product specifications, or a map—you pay for the space, use it!

Remember who you are and what your company stands for.  Your personality should consistently show up throughout any advertising you choose to participate in.  What does that mean? If you are advertising for a new landfill, would you print on the highest quality, gloss stock paper with texture? Or would you choose a recycled, one color simple printed piece?

Explore less expensive (often times free) alternatives.  This can be digital banner advertising—it’s a high upfront cost but the audience and ROI is equally high! Ensure that you do all you can with your PR agent.  Submit press releases on a regular basis and tie yourself into local causes and benefits.

Don’t forget to optimize all of your digital activity with key words and phrases.  This can be applied to your website as well as press releases, documents, and videos you post.

When you are in need of graphic design, don’t panic.  It is expensive and you can do it yourself, but Microsoft Word posters don’t look nearly as nice as professional designs.  Instead, find yourself a college student looking to build their portfolio.  It will save you money and you’ll be helping out our future.  (Bonus: your advertisement will travel a long way when included in their portfolio!)

A few additional recommendations for you to consider:
• Become a member of your Chamber of Commerce and NETWORK!
• Social media is your friend and it’s free—blog, post, tweet, etc.
• Do what you can to support the local community: fundraising, support, volunteering, etc.
• Partner with a successful business, local or national
• Include any events on local community websites


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