May is a Great Month to Jump Start Business


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There’s a certain energy in the air the first few weeks after the weather breaks. People seem happier, friendlier and more approachable. Why not take advantage of this communal optimism to set your sights higher in the second quarter?

A few things to consider:

•    Many companies are in the planning phases for summer events. Proactively approach your clients to discuss their marketing and events calendar and offer some suggestions based on their theme and objectives.

•    Nicer weather has most of us eager to get outside each day, which paves the perfect pathway to introducing employee Health and Wellness programs. Do your clients have these in place? If so, how can you build on them and what new ideas do you have to revamp an existing program? If not, you might start the conversation by pointing out how a wellness program can contribute to a company’s overall objectives (i.e. more productivity, lower healthcare costs, etc.)

•    May is a great month to catch people at work. Of course you’re always going to have the executives who travel every week or the client based on the other side of the country, but for the most part we’re in between two heavy vacation seasons – spring break and summer – and many decision-makers are in the office ready to make things happen.

•    After months of being cooped up inside (no less than six if you live in Ohio), your clients have cabin fever too. Invite them to an al fresco lunch or grab a cup of coffee and go for a walk. We’re all human, but sometimes we forget that business isn’t built between companies. It’s built between people. Try to remember!

Speaking of business growth, did you know Small Business Week kicks off on May 20? Rather than simply focusing on your own growth, make it a point to identify two or three small businesses in your area and show your support for the character they bring to the community.

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Michelle joined the Proforma team in 2008. As the Manager of Business Development for Major Accounts, she helps Proforma Owners win new and grow existing programs through proposal and presentation development, as well as periodic Relationship Reviews. Before joining Proforma, Michelle attended Cleveland State University where she earned a degree in Journalism and Promotional Communication.

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