Mobility Has A Whole New Meaning

Image Courtesy of Meanest Indian's Photostream

Mobility has been defined in many different ways over the years.  From upward mobility in business to functional mobility for senior citizens, mobility as a saying can mean many different things.  In today’s world, mobility has a whole new meaning…mobile marketing.  It’s easy for small and large business to have mobility through social media, multimedia, and interactive media.  Not only are their consumer driven networks for mobile phones but there are entire campaigns developed based on text messaging.  But what is the call to action?  And for that matter, what does the call to action intend to get the consumer to do?  One thought is to direct consumers to to a mobile app.  The other school of thought is that a mobile website is better?  Both have their benefits, and both have their drawbacks.  If you want my candid opinion, go for both.  If I wasn’t convincing enough, the infographic below should help you along the way.  Enjoy! 

Infographic courtesy of mdg Advertising

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