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In the last few years, the work landscape has changed significantly. Hybrid and work from anywhere trends were expedited by the pandemic and are now the norm in business culture. Offices can be sparse with employees these days, and each worker has unique wants and needs for their workspace. For a company to thrive in 2023, its employees need to be equipped with the tools that will make their work area (whatever that may look like) a place they feel comfortable and productive in so they can be empowered to complete the task at hand. 

In this blog post we’ll discuss: 

  1. Remote Work Essentials 
  2. Environmental Well-Being
  3. The Importance of Organization 
  4. Productivity Away from an Office 

Remote Work Essentials 

It’s hard to compete in the business world today if you aren’t offering remote or hybrid work in at least some capacity. As of late 2022, up to 92% of employees worked at least one day per week remotely, with the average U.S. worker working 5.8 remote workdays per month.(1) Most employees are expecting some type of flexibility in their role, so why not lean into it? 

To keep up the standard of work expected in an office setting, employees need to have the tools to succeed in their remote work environment. Think about the resources a traditional office setting provides, then think about how you can scale it down to meet the individual needs of a remote worker. 

There are obvious items needed for a remote setup like a computer, reliable Wi-Fi, or a desk. But beyond that, there are some items that can enhance the work experience and even better equip an employee to work effectively from home. Things like a power bank, an extra screen, a standing desk, a quality desk chair, or an ergonomic keyboard are examples of products that aren’t necessarily essential, but will go a long way in making a home feel like a legitimate workspace. 

Environmental Well-Being  

In our previous blog, Show Them You (Self) Care, we touched on environmental well-being. It means taking care of the places around you and the places you love. In the case of remote work, this means making your work area somewhere you are both comfortable and productive. 

In a traditional office setting, the average worker has little to no say in office layout, décor, or setup. You’re told where to sit and how the office functions and that’s the end of it. With a remote model, the employee is empowered to tailor their own space to whatever will be the most pleasant and effective for them. Are you most effective with a desk next to the tv where you can have calming scenery and music playing as you work? Go for it! Does working near a window where you can let the sunlight hit you as you complete your tasks make you feel more alive? Do it! Does having photos of your family all around your workspace help remind you why it is you do what you do? By all means, put them up! You can even hang the “live, laugh, love” signs around your home office if that’s what does it for you. 

The concept of environmental well-being allows an employee to take control of a small aspect of their workday, and gives them the boost they may need to keep them on task and potentially even more effective than they are at the office. 

The Importance of Organization 

In a survey a few years ago, 27% of people said they feel disorganized at work and, of those, 91% said they would be more effective and efficient if their workspace was better organized. 55% said they would save at least 30 minutes per day if their space was better organized.(2) 

Organization in a work environment can be the difference between good work and sloppy work. It can impact both productivity as well as mental stress. So how can we stay better organized in our remote situation? One great way is through organizational items like planners and agendas. Motivational speaker Brian Tracy says every minute you spend in planning saves ten minutes in execution. Planning out your day on a daily planner, or mapping out your tasks for the week on a desk calendar can get you ahead of the game and in prime position to succeed. 

With less supervision in your home office, it’s particularly important to hold yourself to deadlines and plan out your tasks and assignments in a daily planner to maintain accountability and ensure you stay on pace with your responsibilities. 

Productivity Away from an Office 

Not everyone has embraced the hybrid work model, but the numbers show it is effective. 77% of employees report greater productivity while working off-site, according to a Remote Collaborative Worker Survey by CoSo Cloud.(3) Additionally, 64% of global business leaders said flexible working had a positive impact on productivity.(4)  

As long as communication is a priority and workers have all the tools to succeed, remote work can actually make them MORE productive, not less. It is important to note though that you also don’t want to create a culture of isolation. Having employees still come to the office occasionally or creating digital opportunities for them to interact helps foster a culture of togetherness and teamwork, even with distance between colleagues. 

The bottom line is that you want to give freedom from the traditional office setting without sacrificing the comradery and collaboration that comes with seeing your coworkers every day. 

The Takeaway 

What does all this have to do with everyday inspiration? Your best ideas and best work will come when you are in an environment that accommodates what you need to thrive. When you can tailor your surroundings to what motivates you and keeps you organized, you create a space that becomes more than just an office; you create a space with no limits where you can rise to your potential. When you have all the remote work essentials, your area is set up in the way that helps you work best, you’re organized, and you have all the tools to keep you on target, you can become even more productive in a hybrid environment. 

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