Move out of the Facebook Ghost Town

To quote the ever-quotable Gary Vaynerchuck, “Raise your hand if, five years ago you said out loud or to yourself ‘I’m not going to get a Facebook! That’s for kids!'” Are you raising your hand? You can put it down now. I don’t even need to ask you if you’re on Facebook now, because if you’re a small business owner, you better be.

Using Facebook for business, whether it be to network or raise your brand awareness is pretty much a necessity at this point. However, I don’t know how many Facebook Business pages I’ve visited that are a complete ghost town. Empty. No interaction, no likes, and not even updates. If your Facebook page is guilty of any of these symptoms, I can promise you that it’s not only not helping your business, it’s hurting it. An out-of-date Facebook page does more damage than an out-of-date website.  A Facebook page covered in cobwebs puts forth the perception that you’re either not tech-savvy or worse yet, that your business isn’t active.

A lot of times, people just don’t know what to post. I came across this great presentation on Slideshare filled with great ideas that you can utilize to generate interaction and engagement on your Facebook. So check it out, generate some ideas and bring your Facebook Business Page back from the dead.


Facebook Brand Pages For Dummies

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