New Year Resolutions for your Business

Image courtesy of r. nial bradshaw's photostream

Image courtesy of r. nial bradshaw’s photostream

The champagne was poured, confetti fell, hugs were given and resolutions were made. Now… it’s back to work. The opportunity that the New Year brings for a fresh start is both exciting and daunting. If you haven’t already declared your resolution professionally, think on these ideas when making and keeping your resolutions for your business:

Education: The more you know, the more you grow. Now is the perfect time to continue your education. Whether it is a brush-up on your Excel skills or a class to certify you in relation to your genre of business; that gained knowledge can only elevate and improve your position in the business world.

Have a Plan: Forecasting your business’s budget is invaluable. Take the time to sit down and look over your past spending habits in comparison to your revenue. Focus on where you can set spending limits and in turn make room for more funds appointed to a sales and marketing plan. Prospecting and gaining new business is crucial in every business. Resolve to not only be financially responsible, but also make your marketing efforts a priority and a key category in your budget this year.

More Time: The goals you have set for your business will be much easier to achieve with help. It may be time to start delegating some tasks to your co-workers, making time and room for your new efforts. In turn, those personal resolutions you have made may have a fighting chance as well. Think of hiring a CSR or perhaps asking your spouse or family for a little help with hitting your objectives. Time is money; make sure to give yourself enough of it to produce.

No matter what the resolution, plan on working to make it happen. The effort you put forth to achieve those goals will end up bearing fruit. Maybe not to the full extent of your envisioned result but hard work always pays off. Extend that resolution into the next year and don’t stop until success is achieved.

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