No, You Cannot Have My Number!

Proceed with caution the next time you receive a text. It has become much easier for hackers across the world to invade your personal information via cell phone usage. One of the latest issues discovered is SMiShing. You may encounter SMiShing if you receive a text message saying that you’ve been awarded a gift.  Information is then obtained by requesting the user to click the link. Although this may seem harmless, it’s not. By clicking on that link, you give hackers access to your personal information. The hackers can monitor your cell phone usage and even access your banking information.


Now that you’re aware of this scheme, some ways you can avoid it are:

• Avoid clicking links from unknown senders
• Using spyware software to protect your mobile device, such as McAfee
• Be cautious of sharing your contact information

Another form of criminal activity making current news is Skimming. This technique is when devices such as store equipment, or ATM machines read the magnetic strip on your credit/debit card to obtain your information.  This can easily be prevented if you know what to look for.

Some ways to avoid Skimming are:
• Being cognizant of your surroundings
• Checking for loose hardware that indicates there may be a theft device in place
• Carefully protecting your PIN number at any ATM

With technology advancing and becoming even more a part of our lives, it is important to keep all these tips in mind. Act with caution so that your identity remains safe. Let technology be a tool that you use to have the world at your fingertips without putting your identity in jeopardy.

For more information on the topics of SMiShing and Skimming from Anderson, please check the accompanying link.

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