Old-Fashioned Advice for Business Growth

Proforma blogWith so many marketing options and new technology popping up daily, developing a strategy for business growth can be overwhelming. I’ve always been a big fan of simplicity – first and foremost because it works, and also because in this world of non-stop digital “pinging,” a friendly and helpful human connection can be a big differentiator.

Here are five old-fashioned habits I’ve seen successful people use to grow their businesses year after year:

•    Focus on what you have: Appreciating your current clients and keeping those relationships in focus often leads to increased sales. It’s much easier to grow existing business with someone who already knows, likes and trusts you than it is to win new business with someone who doesn’t.

Some organizations tend to take existing business for granted and instead gear all of their efforts toward attracting new customers. At the end of the day that’s a backwards approach because it ignores potentially lucrative growth and (often effortless) repeat business from loyal clients.

•    Ask for referrals: People are much more likely to give you a chance if you’re recommended by someone they trust. And if you’re a pleasure to work with and exceed their expectations, you bet they’ll be back!

•    Help others: If you make it a habit to help others out when you can and generally operate with an attitude of professionalism, people remember that and will be much more likely to keep you in mind for opportunities down the road.

•    Repurpose successful projects: It’s amazing how a great idea can translate across projects. With just a few tweaks here and there, you can create a brand new solution with minimal effort. There’s often no need to recreate the wheel, but the trick is to look at each project with a critical eye to identify how even the smallest adjustments can completely change the outcome.

•    Target your marketing efforts: Speaking of those successful projects, why not turn them into case studies to share with others? By targeting people you think would find them relevant – and sending along a short note about why – you’re conveying that you keep that person top of mind and are always on the lookout for ways to make their life easier.

There’s no denying that technology-based marketing is a fixture for business in the 21st century and it’s here to stay. But that doesn’t mean good old-fashioned common sense can’t still play a role in growing your success by leaps and bounds.

AboutMichelle McCafferty

Michelle joined the Proforma team in 2008. As the Manager of Business Development for Major Accounts, she helps Proforma Owners win new and grow existing programs through proposal and presentation development, as well as periodic Relationship Reviews. Before joining Proforma, Michelle attended Cleveland State University where she earned a degree in Journalism and Promotional Communication.

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