One Password to Rule Them All

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Are you often saying to yourself “Oh snap, what was my password again?”  If you’re like me, and you have a lot of logins, remembering which usernames and passwords you used on each site can prove to be mentally exhausting, and you may be constantly resetting passwords, or clicking the ‘forgot username and password option.’ The good news for you is there’s a solution!

No, it’s not setting all your passwords to ‘password’ or ‘taco’, it’s Keyring Free – a (you guessed it) free app from the folks at House Intellect, and available for download on the Google Play store.

This neat app, which also has a desktop version available, lets you set a master key – the ‘one password to rule them all’ which locks the app.  Once you unlock it, it’s pretty straightforward – add a new item, input the site (or a cryptic reminder), your username, and your password.  There’s also quick buttons to copy and paste, so if you always use ‘FordTrucks’ as your username, you don’t have to constantly type it out. Then, just kick back, and forget which site required you to toss that exclamation point at the end of your password – you don’t need to remember anymore.

Of course, you could lose your smart phone, and be password-less, but I’ve already covered the contingency plan for that – download ‘Where’s My Droid?’  More info on that app can be found here. Just a friendly reminder, this app is for android devices, iPhone owners can find a similar program called Password Manager HD Free by going here.

Here’s where I’d normally plug the developers, and tell you more about features/unlocks, and things of that nature that you can get, to enhance your app experience.  However, House Intellect’s site is in Russian, a language I am not fluent in, so unfortunately I have no further information.  If you can read Russian, check out their site at – then tweet at me to let me know what it says!

You can download the app on Google Play for free.  Don’t forget your password again, get this app!

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Tom Zobel

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