One Word. Plastics.

This memorable expression is from the 1967 award-winning film, The Graduate. The film comically (and correctly) predicted a world dominated by plastic. As opportunistic as it may have sounded at the time, such a phrase is currently met with understandable dejection.

News outlets and social media platforms centered on the environment have repeatedly shown the dire impact plastics are having on our world. Images of floating islands of water bottles, coastlines stretching for miles with discarded plastics and dolphins dead with cheap plastic in their stomachs have made a powerful impact on our combined consciousness. Adding to these are the recent reports of plastics being found in the food we eat and even the air we breathe.

In response to these dystopian stories are booming sales of reusable water bottles branded with logos of conscientious companies. Not only do such products appeal to the environment, but they also have a place with the physical fitness trends like wearable watches and devices that count steps, pulses, etc. 

As the expanding population becomes increasingly mobile, carrying their news and social media with them in their pockets, having an environmentally safe water bottle can appease the anxiety these outlets create and contribute to the collective efforts of both brand loyalty and the health of our sacred Mother Earth.

AboutDave Cantillon

Dave has over 30 years experience of exposure with the Print and Promotional Product Industry. He has been active in the community as a volunteer for many years as well, visiting the hospitalized, helping those less fortunate. Dave is also raising a son with Down Syndrome and participates in a support group for Parents with handicapped children.

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