Owner Spotlight: Pablo Prahl and Jennifer Herrera, A&G Marketing Group Powered by Proforma

This month, which also happens to mark National Hispanic Heritage Month, our Owner Spotlight is on Pablo Prahl and Jennifer Herrera. Pablo and Jennifer both are originally from Guatemala City in Central America. They have been married for 19 years, with their 20 year anniversary coming up next February. We celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the achievements and contributions of Hispanic Americans who have inspired others to achieve success. There is no doubt that Pablo & Jennifer have achieved great success throughout their career. Here is their story:

In 1999, when the couple were still dating, Pablo started a small graphic design firm with limited digital print capabilities. His passion for marketing and graphic arts began when he was very young. His sister worked in Ad Agencies for many years and would bring Pablo along to help her through various internships. Jennifer had a private practice at the time in Guatemala as a Dietitian—she has a BS in Clinical Nutrition and is also a Diabetes Educator.   

Fast forward to the beginning of 2009, they decided to sell everything and move to Florida. Jennifer had relatives in Miami and Pablo’s sister was also living in Central Florida at the time. They decided that Central Florida would be their new home and a great place to raise their two kids (4 and 7 years old at that time). Jennifer began working as a tutor and Pablo was doing some freelance/broker work for the first few months. They immediately joined the Chambers of Commerce in their area as a way to begin relationships with people in their community. This was also a great way for them to practice more of their English, learn the business language, and participate in community events.

“I had the desire to start my own business and, at first, I thought I could do it on my own,” said Pablo, “I realized very soon that learning a new language, demographics, and business was going to be very hard if I didn’t have some kind of support. So I thought a Franchise was my way to go.”

In 2011, Pablo started his own Franchise, A&G Marketing Group Powered by Proforma. The name comes from Adrian & Gabriel (A&G), their two sons, who are their “why”. At that time, Jennifer was working full time at a food and beverage company as the CSR for the International Department. “I told her that everything that she was doing was exactly what I needed to grow our business. So after some convincing (using my sales skills in my own family, LOL) she joined me full time in mid-2013,” said Pablo.

Today, Pablo and Jennifer have experienced incredible success and substantial growth of their business. Jennifer currently serves on this year’s Owner Advisory Council.

“We are so proud of everything we have accomplished and will continue working hard to keep learning and growing. We are so proud and happy to have our home in this amazing country full of great opportunities, to belong to a wonderful community, and to have found an extended family in Proforma,” said Pablo.

To learn more about A&G Marketing Group Powered by Proforma, please visit: https://agmarketing.proforma.com/

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