You + us = infinite scalability

Infinite scalability – according to the Cambridge Dictionary, scalability means “the ability of a business or a system to grow larger” (1) while infinite means “without limits.” (2) Putting the two concepts together embodies the dream of every entrepreneur and ambitious business owner, and why wouldn’t it? The ability of a business to handle growth… Read More

A True Partner

Why do people join Proforma? If you ask members of the Proforma Family why they chose to partner with Proforma, you’ll get a variety of responses. Some made their way here because of the strategic partnerships with our Supplier Partners. The level of volume business we do helps ensure that we get the industry’s best… Read More

The Chronicles of PPAI Expo: Fun with Friends, Discovering Trends 

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re back from a truly amazing week at PPAI Expo! After collecting our thoughts – and catching up on sleep – we are ready to share all about our incredible experience and what we learned about some of the hottest trends hitting the industry in 2024!  Before the trade… Read More

SURVEY SAYS: Distributor Needs Uncovered

At Proforma we’re in the business of solving common problems in uncommon ways.  We built our technology platform, from the ground up with more than 40 years experience providing distributors scalable solutions that no other organization can match.  Additionally, we provide coaching, marketing assistance, access to world class events and community, a robust eCommerce solution,… Read More