Paws, Posts, and Promo

In the vast, overly saturated landscape of social media, to say it’s difficult to capture the public’s attention is an understatement. The one subject that is consistently able to cut through the noise in the dog-eat-dog world of social media? Ironically – it’s pets. 

Why? Because people love pets. And what people love, they will pay attention to, promote, and shop for…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. 

From heartwarming rescue stories to playful antics, pets have an unparalleled ability to evoke emotions. The unconditional love and joy they bring become powerful narratives that resonate with audiences. 

What else do people love? Okay, trick question – the answer is social media, but people don’t love social media so much as they are addicted to it. And if the popularity of true crime podcasts, fitness Instagram profiles, and crafting YouTube channels has taught us anything, it’s that people will take whatever interests, inspires, or delights them in real life, take it online, and make an entire community around it.  

Enter pets. Furry, feathered, or finned, these charismatic companions amass dedicated followers fast, rising to the status of influencers. This is where the opportunity comes in. Pet influencers not only entertain but also, well, wield influence, making them valuable partners for brand collaborations. Their genuine and unfiltered content strikes a chord with audiences, opening the chance to make your brand a part of their everyday lives. 

So how do you build influence on social media with the help of a furry friend? When creating campaigns – keep pets in mind. Connect with us to produce branded pet accessories such as bandanas or collars featuring cute designs, clever sayings, and tasteful branding, and, when the opportunity presents itself, hand or mail these products out.

Additionally, consider sending influencer kits to your top clients and prospects that you know have animals at home. Include products for the pet and their person. Encourage the recipient to post a photo to social media with a certain hashtag and tag you for a chance to win a prize or gift certificate toward some of your goods and services.  

Or, if you want to keep it simple – include animals in your social media efforts. Feature photos and videos of staff and their pets, or the office cat or dog with branded merch included. You’ll make the algorithm happy, help put a smile on people’s faces, and show off your brand at the same time. Your brand can harness the emotional connection pets evoke by associating the products you offer with the positive feelings generated by pet content. Associating your brand with these cherished feelings and moments ensures lasting impressions and brand recall. Plus, it’s fun!  

In the interconnected, addicting world of social media, pets help us build community. Whether it’s a shared love for a specific breed or a passion for pet-friendly activities, these communities create spaces for engagement. So, join in on the fun and celebrate the joy, laughter, connections, and yes, opportunity, that furry friends can bring! 

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Contact us today and explore the convergence of pets, promo, and social media, where sales, brand loyalty, and influence organically follow. 

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