The Perfect Items for Your Employee Incentive Program

Image courtesy of Texas State Library and Archives photostream

Image courtesy of Texas State Library and Archives photostream

Telling your employees they have done a good job, or that you really appreciate the extra effort they have been making to hit their goals, is important. It boosts employee morale, encourages continued success and lets workers know their hard work is noticed.

It also never hurts to pair these words of praise with gifts and other tangible rewards. In the Incentives, Motivation and Workplace Performance: Research & Best Practices Study done by The Incentive Research Foundation, 99% of surveyed employees and managers said they highly value incentive programs. I am not sure why the other 1% does not (who does not want to be rewarded?), but the statistic proves that an overwhelming amount of workers want to be recognized for their outstanding performances.

With the second quarter just beginning for most businesses, now is the perfect time to implement a new employee incentive program. Take into consideration offering items from these categories when putting into place a program that rewards employees and helps keep productivity and morale up in your business:

Apparel – Give employees high-quality apparel such as logoed pullovers and zip-up sweaters in the winter, and branded polo shirts in the summer. Employees may also appreciate apparel they can wear outside of the office, such as T-shirts, hats, gloves and more.

Food – In almost any workplace, the incentive of food can be a huge motivator. This can be gift cards to well-known restaurants in the city, or even free lunch in the office. Gift baskets featuring cookies, fruit or chocolate are also popular. If you do choose to offer an incentive that involves food, make sure options are available for your employees who have dietary restrictions.

Outdoor Equipment – Whether your employees work inside all day or not, you should encourage them to relax, get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors! Picnic baskets, coolers, game sets (corn hole, badminton, etc.), lounge chairs, blankets, flashlights and umbrellas are just a few options to provide.

Plaques and Awards – Honor top workers with plaques or awards they can display in their offices, on their desks or wherever they would like. Awards don’t have to be ‘one size fits all.’ You can have awards that are multipurpose (award clocks are popular), or those that have unique designs (vases, swirled colored glass, stars, etc.). You can also have plaques created that hold certificates, or feature another full-color image.

Technology Solutions – Since employees are always on-the-go, include items in your incentive program that help them stay ‘charged’ and ready to be on the move all day long. Some item options include portable power banks and chargers, tablet cases, stylus pens, high-end earphones and speakers.

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