Project Planning Basics; Stick with Plan A!

When I hear someone planning an idea that energizes them, then they go on to share a backup plan “just in case” their original plan fails, I fully expect them to settle for plan B. On many levels, this is disappointing because in almost every instance, plan A is the better option. That’s why it’s plan A!

I previously wrote that failure is always an option, and that is true – failure is always a possibility in any undertaking. However, when you create a plan B before you even try to execute plan A, you almost guarantee that plan A will fail because you have left yourself an easy and comfortable out. In other words, when you have plan B in your back pocket, you create fear and distrust about plan A. At the first sign of challenges with plan A, you will likely opt for plan B.

A preemptive plan B will stop creativity, hinder innovation, and create inner doubt.

Plan B should only be created after every conceivable way to make plan A work has been exhausted. Creating a backup plan before implementing your ideal solution only serves to undermine your original plan because when things get tough – as they always do – you will give yourself permission to fail.

There are times when you need a plan B, but only after you are 100% positive that plan A will not work. Before you create plan B, develop your plan A and make it work as if that is the only plan.

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