Printed Products Carry Strong Brand Messaging

Whether it’s a catalog introducing a new product line, a magazine to reach a specific audience or a marketing or direct mail piece, print is still a strong component of any marketing mix. There are many advantages to creating marketing campaigns that carry brand identity and positioning on all supporting materials. From branded promotional products to printed collateral, the choices are endless to creating the ultimate strategy to stay top-of-mind with customers.

Two key elements to every marketing campaign are message and design, but the quality of the accompanying product, giveaway or promotional piece can make a long lasting impression with your audience. According to Sageworks, “Sales growth has been fairly constant over the past five years at somewhere between 3 and 5 percent, for printed materials thus showing that the industry is still growing its revenue.” The power of print marketing is reflected in nearly everything we touch and see, whether it’s a business card, billboard, flyer or a wall calendar. Print increases the visibility of businesses and organizations and provides instantaneous engagement and recognition.

In addition, printed marketing materials are essential in relaying brand messaging. Though we live in a global world where access to digital information is readily available, many consumers still prefer a direct connection with a tangible marketing product. According to Advertising Specialty Institute’s recent study of the staying power of print and promotional products, respondents said the average time they keep branded items is more than seven months, and some print pieces such as calendars are kept for a year.

Printed products are an effective and creative way to focus on the customer, capture interest and provide them with products or services while representing your brand in a strong visual manner. As the New Year kicks in, take the time to review your branded print projects to ensure your materials are relevant, timely and provide a direct visual impact to broadcast your business and communicate your brand.

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