Privacy and Promotion. What Gives?

A growing number of companies are rolling out their own apps, asking customers to download for either ease of use or to integrate services. The challenge for many of these companies is getting users to agree to terms of service, authorize notifications or grant permissions.

In today’s world of unwanted robocalls and data breaches, it’s understandable that people want to exercise caution and protect their privacy. But this creates a challenge for marketers trying to collect data important to their digital marketing efforts.

Simply saying, “Try our FREE App” or “Download our App for a chance to win a vacation” won’t be enough for customers to trust your app and authorize the required permissions. Users may simply wait the required 5 seconds and click “x” to ignore your ad and get back to whatever they were doing.

However, promotional products can be a unique solution for getting around this hurdle. There are a growing number of ad specialty suppliers who appeal to smartphone users by giving away a gift, usually a tech item, which can move them closer to trusting your company and authorizing the permissions of your app. A branded portable charger, flash drive or PopSocket might be just the ticket to get them from clicking “x” to becoming a full-time user of your app.

Interested in using promotional products to promote your app? We can help! Get in touch and we’ll turn your business from digital zero to hero.

AboutDave Cantillon

Dave has over 30 years experience of exposure with the Print and Promotional Product Industry. He has been active in the community as a volunteer for many years as well, visiting the hospitalized, helping those less fortunate. Dave is also raising a son with Down Syndrome and participates in a support group for Parents with handicapped children.

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