Product Trends 2015: Don’t Sleep on the Fourth Quarter

The fourth quarter is a time that many use for reflection, evaluating the previous nine months of the year to gauge successes and failures. While it’s important to reflect and restrategize, this shouldn’t be looked at as a time to lighten up. It’s an easy habit to fall into; essentially vacationing for the final three months of the year while gearing up for what is to come when the calendar turns to the first of January. It certainly doesn’t need to be this way but there is a common misconception that business is not conducive as we approach the holiday season.

Customers are on vacation or spending time with family, and prospects don’t have the budget to spend. These are two quite common justifications used to validate a life of comfort in the fourth quarter while the competition, that continues to pound the pavement and knock on doors, is making connections and building more business.

This is true of nearly any industry; not exclusively reserved to the promotional products industry. There’s no doubt that business is being conduct as usual and prospects are willing to take appointments. Think for a moment about the auto industry. Within a few moments, a past ad that was posted online or in print during the fourth quarter to generate consumer interest may come to mind. And because of this, many may recall a friend, family member of even acquaintance that purchased a car in the fourth quarter because the deals were too good to pass up.

With this in mind, here are five product trends that will jumpstart prospecting efforts in the fourth quarter.

Don’t be Out-of-Date
Promotional calendars are a great way to stay top of mind with prospects and customers. They are a chance to not only demonstrate creative capabilities but also be on display for at least 12 months.

Feed the Need
Fruit baskets aren’t the only food gift that will grab your customer’s attention. Logoed candy and cookies, brand-named chocolates and scrumptious nuts will create loyalty that shows consideration beyond business.

Keep them Comfortable
As the colder months approach, now is the time to consider outwear that will make a statement. Give out the trendiest jacket or parka to top-tier clients and rest assured that it will stick around on average of at least 18 months.

An Oldie but A Goodie
While digital marketing may be the future nothing can substitute for a good old fashioned holiday card. Receiving a season’s greeting from a trusted partner on an inspiring paper-stock will leave a lasting impact.

It’s Electric
Having knowledge of the market is crucial to developing impactful marketing initiatives. For the techies out there, gifting a useful technology item can make all the difference. Mobile chargers, Bluetooth® speakers and headphones, and genuine leather tablet stands will delight clients for months to come.

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