Promote Employee Recognition with a Journal

No matter the size of your company, employee recognition is an important part to keeping your team happy, morale high and turnover low. By providing your employees with a small token of appreciation, they will feel valued and continue to work hard. Focus of providing your recipients with a product that has a high-perceived value and will be useful, ensuring they will treasure and use the gift for long after they receive it.

Take a look at this case study for an example of a high-value product with an affordable price:

JournalA cause-related association was looking for a cost-effective item to give as a recognition gift to their 50 internal team members at an annual meeting. Their heart was set on a luxurious, soft faux leather journal they knew their employees would love. Coming in slightly above their budget, they showed their ideas to other departments who also loved the idea and increased the quantity of journals, making it affordable enough for the association to purchase. To add a finishing touch, they also included the phrase “Capturing Memories” under their logo. Their employees loved the gift and continue to use the journals for note taking, jotting down their thoughts and much more.

Journals are truly a versatile product. They can make a great meeting or room gift, fit well into travel-themed promotions and can also make an impact for cruise lines, tour operators and museum gift shops.

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