Promotional Products for the Gridiron

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As we enter into the month of August, the days start to get shorter, a little cooler, and a sense of relaxation takes over.  The kids go back to school, their extracurricular activities kick in, and the carpooling begins.  This quickly takes your sense of relaxation into coordination and communication overload.  Don’t fret for too long, though, you always have Sunday afternoons to fall back on.  Sundays in the fall are reserved exclusively for football.  August kicks off tailgate season which spills right into December and beyond.  While many of us aren’t season ticket holders, we do contribute to our favorite teams in other ways such as tailgating, grabbing dinner at a local restaurant on game day, or going to a friends to have a few beverages while rooting on the home team.

Although we may not directly influence the marketers employed by our favorite team, we are part of the process for the community as a whole.  Inevitably, in addition to the game itself, further entertainment or resources are needed to entertain or fulfill our downtime between plays.  Below are a few hand selected products that can be used to not only entertain us throughout the game but also to continue to build brand awareness and integrity.  One of the three main points (Know, Trust, Like) to selling can be accomplished through these products – LIKE.  If a contact likes you or your product / service, you’re one step closer to solidifying your relationship.



This Coleman tailgating grill is a great executive gift that will keep you top of mind with your biggest account…and soon-to-be biggest fan!






Bored during a timeout?  Not anymore, this tabletop paper football set will keep you entertained throughout the entire season.







Wondering how you can relate your business to the local football team?  Collaborate by creating a refrigerator magnet to display your contact information alongside your team’s schedule!







Build your ‘staying power’ by giving this handy self-promoter football stapler to your clients and prospects alike.  It’s perfect for the die-hard football fan!






Keep your prospects drinks cool by providing football shaped can coolers for their next tailgate.  Not only can you make your prospects day, you can also extend your marketing dollars!







Help your clients become heroes by providing award and incentive programs that build employee morale.  It’s never too late to show recognition!






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