Pursue Your Passion: Invest In Yourself

Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver's photostream

Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver’s photostream

Whether you’re an entrepreneur attempting your first startup or a tenured member of the workforce looking for something new, when will the timing be right to take a chance, invest in yourself and start striving towards your goal? The truth is it may never be. Sitting on your couch and putting your dreams on hold for something easier, more comfortable, is always the less exhaustive route to take. But in the end, where does that really get you? Yes, this is a rhetorical question but I think it gets the point across and is well stated in the quote below from Alltop founder, Guy Kawasaki –

“The hardest thing about getting started is getting started.”

Here are four takeaways to help realize your professional dreams:

1.    Stop talking and start doing: It’s easy to talk about all the great things you want to do. It’s even easier to never take action on your dreams, letting life pass you by. Find your action items and get started today. The longer you wait to take that first step, the farther you are from realizing your goals. Set goals, be accountable, be passionate and maybe most importantly, be realistic about the outcome. The more honest you are with yourself the more room you have to grow.
2.    Invest in yourself: It’s often thrown out in conversation that someone is investing in themselves. This kind of statement can seem fictitious, and very may well be. But don’t think for one second that great entrepreneurs like Larry Page, Mark Cuban or Jeff Bezos didn’t take a chance on themselves in time or money. Remember, not only is it important to have liquid assets when starting a new venture, but knowing the value of your time and recognizing that your time has worth is just as important when push comes to shove.
3.    Take the good with the bad: Undoubtedly there will be bumps along the way; financial woes, unpredictable clients and difficult employees. Be prepared for them all but don’t expect to have all the answers. There’s something to be said about learning along the way. Not only will it help build character, these experiences will help you develop an approach for future encounters with similar situations. These types of situations will also give you the confidence to ask for help. Find solace that you aren’t the first person to come across a difficulty in business or personal development. Let this be the catalyst to build a personal network of like-minded individuals to help you through the struggles.
4.    Pursue your passion: Whether your passion is brand communications, insurance or financial management, keep that passion as your driving force. Or maybe your passion is a lifestyle business where brand communications is a means to an end. That’s ok too but be cognizant of that fact. Be self-aware, be genuine and be accountable. But above all find what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself!

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