Readjust Your Mental Focus for a Successful 2017

As we begin a new year, it’s time to step back for a few moments and reflect on what was amazing about the previous year and what didn’t go as planned. In many ways, we often think we have full control of the forces around us and yet we really only have partial control. Our ability to plan and project our ideas is a great start however sometimes we are thrown for a loop. Something as simple as a mail order not delivering in time for an important client celebration, or a company merger that eliminates your most valued client’s position can set us back and sap our energy. However, if we come to accept that we don’t always have full control of a situation, we can stay positive and adapt to the constant changes that cross our path while maintaining a peaceful demeanor.

The first step in the right direction is for us to stop obsessing over “what if.” When we embrace the fact that we can’t control everything, we free up our time and energy to focus on the things we can impact to improve our outlook. We are all human and have the ability to bounce back, so here are my tips for personal changes you can make to live 2017 to the fullest:

  • Stay true to yourself – What are some of the characteristics that you value and that others appreciate in you? Hone in on knowing what these are and stay true to your beliefs and value system so that you can easily make decisions in both your personal and business life.
  • Allow integrity to supersede profit­­ and likeability – Know what you value and how you can stick to your gut instincts when making decisions and helping others.
  • Build a network of supporters – Maybe it’s time to evaluate your relationships and decide where you should spend your time growing as an individual and in your business dealings. Maybe you’ve been knocking on the wrong door to connect with a potential customer. Why not try to step back to see if a similar business exists that will appreciate all you have to offer and make a connection to educate them about your business and how you can be a resource?
  • Accept the choices you have made and move on – It’s time we step up to the plate and let go of all our emotional baggage so we can truly focus on our goals for the year and stay positive as we continue to grow individually while driving our business plans for positive growth.
  • Have a backup plan – This will allow you to move forward when one of your top clients doesn’t follow through with a commitment rather than bog you down and sap your energy.
  • Lighten up – It will be OK and remember you are not the only one who feels the impact of unexpected change, so stay positive. Make time to savor personal time and reflect to see things from a broader perspective so you can ease up on yourself.

May you have a wonderful New Year, one that’s filled with peace, love and prosperity while you continue to grow in 2017 to reach your true personal destiny.

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