Remember What’s Important

We all strive to be important, to create meaning in our daily life, career, at home and with our friends. In every aspect of life different characteristics or responsibilities can be considered “important” but who defines which qualities are important and which are not?

In a company every position is imperative for success. Although it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that what you’re doing in the most important job for a company, that way of thinking is outdated. Here are a few things to remember when evaluating your worth in a workplace:

  1. Focus on Contributing- By inventing new ideas, developing more efficient processes or sustaining consistent and reliable service as an employee, you are contributing to the success of the company and of yourself. Doing your job well is important; you are maintaining an environment where things are completed effectively. However, exceeding in your position will get you recognition with verbal appreciation, good reviews, bonuses, and promotions. Adding to the world around you is vital.
  1. Recognize Equality in Employees- Whether someone is answering phones at the front desk, the CEO of the company or working as the accounts receivable manager, each position generates the forward progression of a business. Each employee is important in their own way. Recognizing that your own importance is equal to that of your peers, bosses and people you manage is essential.
  1. Acknowledge Meaning in all Office Tasks- Once you begin connecting assignments and departments to each other, it helps to view the significance of each task, no matter how small. In order to make money we need to process orders, in order to receive goods we need to pay our vendors, etc. This provides a perspective on why each seemingly small undertaking is needed in order to achieve one larger goal. When you acknowledge that your job is important, as well as everyone else’s, you develop comradery with your peers. It’s at this point we can learn to appreciate our own jobs and the responsibilities of others.
  1. Hold Yourself (and Others) Accountable- When people are held accountable they become more aware of their importance in each project. Having high expectations of everyone involved in a common objective is motivating and produces better materials, better work, and more respect among coworkers. When everyone is found responsible for their part people do not feel taken for granted carrying more work or let others slide by with doing very little.
  1. Look at the BIG Picture- When you take a step back and see that we all share the same purpose, every person starts to feel as though they are crucial to the company. In any business the priority is to be profitable, to make money, and every person plays an important role in not only keeping the business at a constant but also improving it.

People say when a team loses it is no one persons’ fault. The team is to blame as a group. The same should happen with a win; we are in this together. We are a team and each piece is important in its own way. We must work together and value each other in order to grow, become more lucrative, and more successful. So, if you aren’t quite sure what is considered most important… it’s the people.

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