Rethinking Direct Mail, Part 2


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In Part 1 of ‘Rethinking Direct Mail,’ I shared three reasons for why direct mail should have a place in your next campaign. Those reasons proved that direct mail works, and provides for a great return on investment (ROI). I promised there were more reasons you should be taking advantage direct mail to improve your marketing efforts, and here they are:

1.    Direct mail can be highly targeted and personalized. By incorporating direct mail as part of a campaign supported with analytics, direct mail campaigns can be highly focused with tailored messages to customers who are most likely to respond, at the time they are most likely to respond, with an offer that has relevance to them.  Using analytics means interacting with your customers at the point when they’ve indicated they are most likely to be open to your offer, ie:  having entered your website or clicked on a QR code, etc.

2.    Direct mail comes in multiple formats. Multiple formats mean that direct mail is very versatile and can be tailored to match budget restraints. Everything from postcards and brochures, to magazines and catalogs, is available. Instead of spending money on generic press runs, it is growing increasingly attractive to create personalized magazines and catalogs driven from information gathered from the customer through online surveys.

For example, a prospective car buyer can select various options on a website and subsequently receive a catalog in the mail printed to match those specifications! The catalog could easily include specific incentives related to that model or set of options, and it could easily include a map(s) to the closest local dealer(s). The catalog could match against any previous purchases the customer may have made to suggest optional products or models that might fit his or her lifestyle and budget. All of this information is available through analytics.

3.    Direct mail creates a physical connection. Since mail ends up in your customers’ hands, you are much more likely to have your message viewed and read. This is what makes direct mail an effective prospecting tool as well. Combine this with stunning graphics and a tailored offer, and conversion rates will pop!

4.    Direct mail drives new customers online. For acquiring new customers, printed communications, whether sent through the mail in bulk or inserted in a paper, have proven their value in driving customers to a website. Include a QR code, URL or email address and you can use print as the first step in capturing a digital footprint for new prospects. Print can deliver customers who are highly unlikely in today’s over-used email environment.

These reasons show that direct mail can’t be ignored – and that when the time comes for your next campaign, you should plan on developing a piece that captures your audience’s attention.

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