Send Your Marketing Campaigns Back to School

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave your marketing campaigns begun to lose their luster?  Are you starting to see a decrease in your ROI?  As many retailers have launched their back to school marketing initiatives, now may be a good time to review your current campaign efforts to ensure you receive the A+ your business deserves.

If you have a marketing campaign that has been highly successful in the past, there are ways you can refresh it without having to completely recreate the wheel.  For starters, try adding personalization.  A direct mail campaign has a better open rate when the recipient believes it’s a one of a kind piece, created just for them.

Changing the format of your existing campaign will also aid in adding some life back into your marketing.  If a previously successful print article isn’t generating the buzz it used to, try a different format.  Perhaps housing it online with a fresh look and feel will get it noticed.  Creating a new design around existing messaging will also help keep your campaign looking fresh and new.

Multi-touch campaigns are also successful in keeping your prospect’s attention, so try adding additional components to an existing campaign.  You can turn your direct mail campaign into a multi-touch campaign by adding multiple mailers, incorporating follow-up phone calls and emails, and including social media into your strategy.

Speaking of social media, don’t forget to review the technology components of your campaigns.  Gone are the days when creating a simple Facebook page was enough.  Make sure you are connecting on a daily basis with relevant content, photos, interesting articles and responding to customer inquiries.  Establishing an effective and up-to-date social media presence will help keep your business top of mind.

If you only have one active email marketing mailing list, you may be missing out on reaching subscribers.  Try formatting targeted subscriber lists, dividing your contacts into specific segments.  This will give you an opportunity to fine tune your message to repeat customers, those prospects you haven’t been able to break through to and those that you are introducing yourself to.

The average number of people that encounter mobile marketing on their phone continues to increase.  When planning your marketing strategy, aim to incorporate more mobile marketing to ensure you are reaching this segment of your target customer base.  For example, make sure your website is optimized for mobile viewing and emails should be short so they are easy to read on a smaller screen.

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