Seven Things That’ll Make You Say “Mmmmm…”

This time of year, offices are flooded with delicious goodies from vendors, suppliers or other business associates. It’s barely November, but the holiday gift giving season has begun! Now is the time to be thinking about how you are going to recognize your employees, customers and vendors.

Food gifts are an obvious choice. They are affordable, can be shared with an entire office and who doesn’t like a mid-afternoon treat? But don’t let the traditional food items limit your creativity. Here are some food gift ideas that will make a big impression. Some are more appropriate for the holidays, others will work year round. No matter when you choose to give food gifts, your customers will always be up for a tasty treat!

*Want to be sure your customers are associating your company with the tasty treat you’ve provided? Take advantage of this opportunity to brand your food gift packaging with your logo – no matter what product you choose!

Chocolate is probably the most popular of the holiday season. Chocolate is usually a crowd pleaser, but consider getting a variety of chocolates to please the masses and maybe include an alternative treat for the non-chocolate lovers. Along these lines – think brownies, cookies, mints, candy canes and truffles.

Coffee (or Tea) is usually the drink of choice in most offices. Mix up the regular routine with some gourmet coffee to start their day.

Hot Sauce makes a bold statement about your company. This unconventional gift will give your brand a kick!

Salsa adds some flavor your brand. Spice it up with this favorite snack that will make them remember your name. Don’t forget the chips!

Fortune Cookies customized with creative sayings will keep you in your customers’ future.

Granola Bars are a popular desk snacks. Your customers will appreciate this familiar mid-day snack with your creative label.

Fruit is a healthy option and a much appreciated alternative when the office is full of tempting treats. Consider creating a custom gift basket with branded ribbon, tissue paper or other fillers.

Looking to take your holiday gift in a different direction? Next week, I’ll be back with alternatives to food products for the holiday gift giving season. Eggnog, anyone?

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