Simple Tips for Relieving the Winter Blues

First winter storm of 2014

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As winter wears on, many of us in cold climates – which is pretty much the entire northern hemisphere these days – might notice that our family, friends and co-workers are not their perky selves. Something seems to happen in January that transforms this season from a snowy holiday wonderland into a never-ending nightmare. Here are some tips to keep your spirits up and your stress down as you wait for the gray to go away:

•    Get more Vitamin D: Adequate Vitamin D levels have been credited with reducing the risk for various conditions, including heart disease and depression. Sunlight is a major source of the vitamin, which presents a problem for people who don’t see it for weeks at a time. Try to make up for the lost rays via supplements, ultraviolet lamps and Vitamin D-rich foods, which according to the Huffington Post include:

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Fatty fish (e.g. salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna and eel)
  3. Orange Juice
  4. Eggs
  5. Fortified foods (cereal, soy milk, tofu, etc.)

•    Surround yourself with humor: This is true year-round, but especially in dreary months, be sure to spend plenty of time with good-natured folks who err on the side of optimism. Moods are contagious, and the last thing you need when you’re in a funk is to be surrounded by negativity.

•    Use the weather to your advantage: Don’t feel like going out at all this weekend? Nobody expects you to! Use the blustery cold as your excuse to hibernate sans judgment.

•    Try to stay healthy: Nothing brings a bad mood lower like the flu on top of it. Take good care of yourself and stay home if you’re sick!

•    Be understanding: It’s cold! Not just chilly cold, but “it feels like my lungs are collapsing every time I step outside” cold.  And that’s not likely to change for the forseeable future. So try not to take it personally if the people in your life are a bit crabbier than usual. It probably has nothing to do with you.

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