Six Tips For Getting Some Attention This Holiday

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s full steam ahead into the gift-giving season. While some people look at corporate gift giving as just a formality, you can make it so much more. It is an investment. Who wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their clients and business associates without making an impact?!

One in three people said gifts from a business partner increased the chances they would do business with that company in the future. And it’s not just clients that matter. 75% of employees say that receiving a gift has improved their morale and 33% say a gift has motivated them to be more productive.

With the average corporate gift costing between $35-$100, it is important to make it count. Here are a few tips to make sure your gift stands out during all the hustle and bustle of the season.

– Most companies send gifts to customers and vendors between November 1st and January 5th. Giving your gift either earlier or later than the rest of the pack will make your gift more memorable.

– Include a handwritten card with a personal or meaningful message.

– Whether you work with one person, one department or everyone in an entire company, be sure to bring enough gifts for everyone you work with or want to work with.

– Deliver your gifts personally. This gives you a chance to meet with your customer and have a conversation.

– Present your customers with quality gifts. This is your chance to impress your clients, don’t let a Frisbee leave a bad impression.

– Just like you would with your friends and family, think of the personality of your clients and their businesses when choosing their gifts.

Now you have unique gift ideas, and you know how to make them stand out. For more assistance making your holiday gifts really count this year, contact your Proforma Professional for even more creative ideas. Good luck and happy holidays!

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