Social Assessment: Are you Dressing up like the Burger King?

Burger King reclame

Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (vers l’Été )

Small business owners have their work cut out for them when it comes to Social Media – it’s not like the classic sitcom ‘Cheers’ – everyone doesn’t know your name.  So you make social profiles for your business: a Facebook page, a Google+ page, LinkedIn account, ect.  But in your social assessment are you putting your best foot, or in this case, face, forward?

More specifically, would you go to a business meeting dressed as the Burger King?  I’m guessing your answer is no, and it’s probably because no one wants your business card while you’re hiding behind a costume. You have to face the facts – with social media, if you’re hiding behind a logo, you appear like you’re doing just that – hiding something.  And social media outlets are not the place to do so.  Think about it.  Its ‘social’ media, meaning you’re supposed to be social.  So while everyone on social media is telling you more personal information than you ever bargained for, if you’re just a logo trying to sell things, you may be alienating your customer base.

‘Oh but I don’t want everyone from high school knowing what I’m up to,’ you may be saying. My advice to you is this: don’t add them then.  You don’t have to accept every friend request you receive. And really, you’re running a business, maybe one of those ‘weirdos’ from high school you are avoiding has a need for what you sell.

‘Oh but I don’t want my customers to see that picture of me passed out at an Aerosmith concert,’ might be your next retort.  My advice: keep it off the internet.  Or, if you absolutely must have it on social, make it private.  Privacy settings are there for a reason, and really, just because a lot of people tell you everything they do on social, it doesn’t mean you need to follow suit.

Let me put it this way, I prefer service over price. I’d rather see money go to local businesses than big corporations, and if you’re hiding behind a logo, I’m turned off immediately.  Business on the internet is like blind dating: first impressions are everything.  You wouldn’t show up to a first date, with someone you’ve never met in person, wearing a Zorro mask.

Would you buy from someone hiding in the shadows?  I doubt it.  So why expect others to do so. Don’t dress up like the Burger King – let’s see that smiling face of yours.  At least then we all know who we are dealing with.

Tweet at me and let me know what you think.  I’ll be the guy in the Spongebob suit (Nah, just kidding).

Until Next time,

Tom Zobel


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