Spend A Little, Make A Lot

You have to spend money to make money.

We’ve all heard that before and it’s even more evident when it comes to being profitable in your business.

In this market, you have to rise above the competition to be noticed.  More so than ever, businesses are looking for solution providers — partners that can provide products and services for all their business needs.

Increase your impact during your sales appointments and showcase your offerings with self-promo products.

Self-promo products can:

  • -Turn a cold-call into a warm call
  • -Demonstrate your businesses capabilities
  • -Build a trusting relationship
  • -Establish credibility
  • -Help you stand out at a trade show
  • -Cultivate relationships long after the sales call

The following is a list of great self-promo items to consider branding with your logo before your next appointment:

  • *Writing Instruments
  • *Notepads
  • *Travel Mugs
  • *Desktop Speakers
  • *Tote Bags
  • *iPad/Tablet Sleeves
  • *Umbrellas
  • *Desktop Accessories
  • *Calendars
  • *Stickybooks

Use these products as appointment leave-behinds, direct mail pieces, thank you gifts, and giveaways at trade events.

It’s not just about giving promotional products to your clients and prospects; it’s about putting your creativity on display, increasing your brand awareness, and building recognition in your industry.

It’s not about what you say; it’s about showcasing what you can do.  Investing in your business makes it easier for your customers to invest in you.

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