Spreading the Holiday Cheer to Your Employees

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Last month, fellow blogger Kendra Smith shared tips on how to spruce up your customer gifts and really show your gratitude for their business (http://www.proformablog.com/customer-appreciation/#more-2330). While customers play a crucial role in any company, it’s also important to spread holiday cheer to those who operate your business day after day: your employees.

Employees are often unheralded workers who go above and beyond their normal duties so your business will continue to succeed. It may be what they are paid to do, but they always appreciate receiving some extra recognition, especially at this time of year. When you make your holiday gift-giving list this year, check it twice to ensure you include employees who have:

•    Shown their dedication by working overtime hours on important, hard deadline projects.

•    Put many years of service into the organization and are celebrating milestone anniversaries.

•    Helped to boost employee morale time and time again.

•    Always worked as a team player to meet company goals.

•    Successfully used their leadership skills to move the company in a positive direction.

Once you have your list made, consider recognizing your outstanding employees with gifts such as:

•    Assorted cookies and candies to satisfy sweet tooths and illustrate that employees are a real ‘treat’ to work with every day.

•    Desk clocks that show just how much you value ‘time’ spent on projects, or commemorate an employee’s longevity with the organization.

•    Plaques that can be hung at desks or in offices and recognize a major accomplishment achieved this year.

•    Photo frames, which allow employees to show-off either their best moments with the company, or depict their motivation for working hard every day.

•    Personalized bags and totes to help workers remain organized and motivated.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to employee recognition gifts. As the holidays draw closer, make sure you express your appreciation for a great year of work in 2012 and give gifts that help prepare for another year of success in 2013.

Happy Holidays!

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