Spring Refresh

Let’s face it, whether you’ve been dealing with the cold climate for the past few months, or just had to face a few temperature dips, we’re all ready for spring to be here. The good news is the first day of spring is right around the corner on March 20th. The changing of seasons, especially from colder to warm can signify a refresh of sorts. Here are some ideas to get refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the year:

  1. Deep Clean – You might have been cooped up for long hours either at home or in the office. Get the fresh air flowing by giving everything a good cleaning.  Say goodbye to the flu and any other clutter we have accumulated during the winter. A deep scrub will make everything sparkle and create less work for you down the road.
  2. Organize and be Functional – If you are tackling your garage or your desk, storage is your best friend. Take some time to pack up any old files, update your filing system, organize your pens and prepare your space to be a more efficient work place. Apply getting organized to all aspects of your life like your car or your kitchen. Just make sure you know where you put it, as functionality is key.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone and add color – I will be the first person to tell you my favorite color to wear is black but I will be refreshing my wardrobe with pops of color this season to brighten the mood. Add color to every aspect of your life – a good way to add some green to your desk is by getting a plant or flowers.
  4. April Showers brings May Flowers – Spring weather is always changing from sunny and windy to damp and rainy. Try to look at the weather in advance and plan your projects to what the weather has in store. It might be frustrating when the weather isn’t cooperating with our goals but by planning ahead and improvising you can get just as much accomplished.

As I am waving goodbye to winter and welcoming in spring, I am preparing myself for all the new potential adventures I can have. Spring refresh is all about keeping an open mind and tying up any loose ends from the past winter.

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