Squeeze the Last Drops Out of Summer

Summer always flies by way too fast and this year has been no different. Did you have plans for a great summer marketing campaign, but didn’t get to it yet? Don’t worry – there is still time!

There are plenty of fun summer promotional items that have VERY quick turnaround times so you can get your project out while the weather is still warm. Summer promo items are a fun way to reach out to your customers, so you won’t want to miss out on this seasonal opportunity.

Here are some hot promo items with super-fast shipping so you can still use your summer ideas:


Picnic Blanket – This 4’ x 4.5’ blanket is easy to carry and features a water-resistant PVC bottom lining. This blanket is perfect to lay out on sand, dirt, grass and more.






Fold-up Flyer – Toss around this flyer for some fun in the sun.










Grill Utensil Set – Cook up a great summer promo with this sizzling complete grill set.






Poncho – This compact, key chain poncho will save the day in summer’s random downpours.







Saturn Sling – With its compact size and adjustable single shoulder strap, this bag is great for getting around on busy summer days.







Retractable Ear Buds – Warm weather jogs go a lot smoother with easy to use ear buds.






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